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Chris Smith exhibit opens today

March 1, 2013

Megan Zaubi / The Courier - Chris Smith is visiting from Chicago this week to talk about his works being displayed in the Everett Gallery through March 3rd. He gave a talk yesterday filled with advice for aspiring artists.

Happy Friday–you should get yourself to this art exhibition by visiting artist Chris Smith.

Brought in by the Art Department to showcase his new exhibit “Push” in the Everett Gallery, Smith’s works will be on display through March 28.

There is a reception scheduled for 3:15 p.m. Friday, March 1, but students received an early treat yesterday when Smith gave a small talk on his experience as an artist and a gallery director at the Linda Warren Projects gallery in Chicago.

Smith graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BA in Operational Management and Information Systems, after which  he worked as, among other things, a consultant for Google.

“I was the first kid in the family to go to college,” said Smith. “I wanted to go into art, but it didn’t seem realistic.”

But Smith would eventually realize that what he really wanted to do was art, so he attended the Art Institute in Chicago where he got his BFA.

“I wasn’t fulfilled. I was making good money, living in a nice apartment, but I still didn’t feel fulfilled.”

After graduating from Eastern Illinois University in 2009 with his MFA, Smith began working at the Linda Warren Projects, where he is currently a gallery director.

“We always try to talk to our guests, a gallery should never by stuffy or intimidating.”

The visiting artist also had advice for the listening artists-in-training.

“You’re going to have to figure out a way to support yourself. Some of our artists wait tables, bar tend, teach or work at a gallery.”

Smith will be at the Everett Gallery today talking about his pieces.

“Fifty percent of the work is about painting, and the other 50 percent is a visual metaphor for all the bulls–t in my life,” Smith said. “Financial hurdles, deaths in my family. It’s like story telling.”

Megan Zaubi
Features Editor

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