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Monmouth faces snowfall problems

March 1, 2013

Joe Florio / The Courier - Snow and ice is removed outside of Grier Residence Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 20 to make for safer travels.

Slick sidewalks and slippery steps have plagued the campus since snow started falling last week. The snow and ice accumulation has made it difficult for students and faculty alike to make their daily commute, whether by foot or by car.

Students have mixed reactions about the state of campus over the past seven days. However, the majority of remarks were negative.

“I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that the snow removal has not been up to par,” said sophomore Samantha Kimmey. “The sidewalks that I use to walk to campus are never clear and there has been a number of times when I have felt unsafe trying to walk to class or work.”

Some students, such as sophomore Marcus Wade, were more forgiving.

“It was definitely difficult to get around the first couple days,” Wade said, “but conditions have improved over the course of the week.”

President Mauri Ditzler also weighed in on the matter by stating that in his eight years as president, he has issued only one campus-wide closure due to unsafe weather conditions.

“In general, the theory of a residential college is that students can walk to class,” Ditzler said, “therefore, if the conditions are such that a teacher can drive to work safely, we believe that students can arrive safely as well.”

Additionally, Ditzler cited the high costs that students pay per class as a reason why campus-wide closures as so rare.

“Students are paying a great deal to attend classes here at Monmouth College, so as an administration we make every effort to provide the services they are promised.”

Neither Winfred Wilfong, the director of facilities management or William Trimble, the custodial services manager could be reached for a comment regarding the questions and complaints that have arisen out of the poor walking conditions.

Elizabeth Meyer
Contributing Writer

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