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Moot Court declares winners

March 1, 2013

Joe Florio / The Courier - Moot Court winner Phil Buckwinkler receives award from Ill. Third District Appellate Court justice.

“I listened to lawyers argue cases for 16 years, and I commend each and everyone here on doing a very good job,” said Ken Slater after the judges deliberated and rejoined the advocates and their audience in Poling Hall. “You all have potential to be great lawyers.”

On Thursday, Feb. 28, four students got a taste of what lawyers face when walking into an appellate court as they participated in the moot court finals. The mock trial pitted junior Kiante Green and sophomore Phil Buckwinkler against senior Morgan Hubbard and junior Carlos Gonzalez as they presented two sides to an actual Supreme Court case.

The judges, who hammered both sides with questions and interjections like a real appellate court, consisted of political economy and commerce department chair Mike Connell, who has a law degree and Dan Schmidt, both of whom have served on appellate courts. Dean Timmerman invited the two judges who have helped with law school moot court competitions.

By the end of the night, the judges named Buckwinkler the Top Advocate for the case.

“I personally really appreciated that I got it, because I know I put the effort into researching and establishing an argument,” said Buckwinkler. “What I really think won them over was my rebuttal statement that I prepared.”

Cassie Burton
News Editor

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