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Review: “Crisis 3”

March 1, 2013

The original “Crysis” set benchmarks in video gaming with outrageous graphics.  It also had an interesting sandbox approach for a shooter.  “Crysis 2” brought that game play and graphics to consoles and allowed us to battle on the streets of New York City.  “Crysis 3” is just a rehash of the previous games but with glaring issues.

You start out back in the role of Prophet.  You are rescued by Psycho, a former squad mate from the first game. Then you set out to bring down the evil C.E.L.L and the Alpha Ceph.  During the lapse between “Crysis 2” and 3, C.E.L.L has taken control of the world’s power which comes from under New York City.  The City itself is now the Liberty Dome because the events of “Crysis 2” left the city devastated.  New York looks different than the previous game’s realistic portrayal by the addition of massive gorges, destroyed buildings and vegetation taking over what is left of the city.  The graphics of “Crysis 3” look similar to “Crysis 2” but even dated they are still top of the line.

The story between Psycho and Prophet is really the centerpiece of the story.  Psycho acts as foil to Prophet.  This is because Psycho was stripped of his nanosuit and is working with the resistance in Liberty Dome.  Prophet is becoming something different.  Having used another’s body in “Crysis 2” to reduplicate himself, Prophet is a mix of Human, Ceph (alien), and nanobots.  This leads to Prophet battling to keep himself from being controlled by the Ceph.  As good as the story is, this tale about a warrior finding his humanity has been done better.

The game play of “Crysis 3” is where it starts to have problems.  The weapons are mostly forgettable with the exception of the predator bow.  The bow is by far the most satisfying experience in the game.  The vehicles in the game are clunky like lesser games and not the triple A title Crysis should be.  This is true for driving and using the weapons on board.  In addition, Crysis traditionally is a sandbox shooter.  In “Crysis 3,” the sandbox is removed at parts and you are forced to go in a specific way.  Probably the worst issue is that enemy AI is poor.  If they go into a state of heightened alert, they never come out of it.  They also will only pursue only within a predetermined range.  On normal, the only times I died was in boss battles, falling or when they spawned a bunch of enemies all around me.  The latter has a couple of times.

The multiplayer of “Crysis 3” is the same as a previous game with the exception of the addition of Hunter mode, and the Predator Bow.  When you clock, in multiplayer, you still emit a faint color signature that makes you visible.  This turns what could be interesting game play in to another Call-of-Duty-like shooter.  What should be a strong point for this game ends up being an average multiplayer.

“Crysis 3” is okay if you are a fan of the series or you can overlook the issues above.  If you can’t, I would recommend finding a better shooter like “Halo,” “C.O.D,” or “Battlefield.”  While this game is not bad, it is not good enough that it causes you to make an effort to play it.

Elisha French
Contributing Writer

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