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Scots Connection

March 1, 2013

Courtesy of the Monmouth College Alumni Office - MC Alumni help current students navigate potential career paths.

Several students recently attended the fifth annual Scots connection conference held by Admissions. Students were joined by staff from the Wackerle Career and Leadership Center and Alumni Relations office as well as fourteen alumni of the college on Saturday, Feb. 23.  

The all day event focused primarily on building professional networks through roundtable discussions. Different topics brought up during the discussions included how to use LinkedIn, a social networking site specifically for professional networks, and giving a perfect elevator pitch to future employers. Students were given the opportunity to participate in a speed networking activity with alumni to get to know more about their lives after Monmouth College and how their connections have helped them succeed in their careers.

Senior Logan Bowman left the event with important knowledge.

“I’ve always been a more reserved kind of guy,” said Bowman, “but at this event I learned how to approach and speak to potential employers in a professional way. I feel this will be very handy once I am looking for jobs.”

Sophomore Carly Abbott said she also learned valuable things from the discussions.

 “The thing I took away the most from Alumni during the roundtable discussions  was to keep everything professional and always be aware of those connections you have made in the past. You never know when a connection will come in handy.”

Tyler Yarde (’05), was the keynote speaker for the event. After graduation, Yarde began his professional sales career with Total Scope, a company that tends to hire college athletes.

After the event John Kaiser (’10) reflected on his time back on campus.

 “I came back to give my own feedback to students and help them succeed. My favorite part about the event was going through small groups and hearing different students and their aspirations. Seeing the next generation of students develop was the most rewarding part for me.”

The event helped students develop their professional networks with the help of the 14 alumni in attendance. Abbott also believes the event will impact her future.

“I believe that the Scots Connection Conference will make an impact on my future.  It taught me a lot of valuable thing: how to effectively sell one’s self in a potential job interview, how to keep one’s personal life separate from your professional life and how important it is to follow up with potential employers.”

Jake McLean
Contributing Writer

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