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The Poetry Corner

March 1, 2013

A selection from the photo project created in conjunciton with the poem by Howard.

Lakesha Howard
My Black Balloon

Dark lover, where have you gone to?
I feel you. I see you. I love you.
I am driven by your insanity, the danger that always
Exist within our lives.
Can we leave this campus, and ride this road of hell.
Let’s meet your maker.
Who created the darkness inside of you?
Only you can answer that, but you refuse.
You refuse to look at me, touch me, and truly love me.
But, I continue to hold on to you.
Knowing I want to say…
Farewell my dark lover,
However, I am addicted to you.
So, I walk alone. I stand alone.  I look lonely.
You are my heroin, so where is the needle?
Because, I will continue this high life;
While the wind blows in my hair.
I will always know you are there…
My Black Balloon.

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