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Letter to the Editor

March 22, 2013

Response to Feb. 22 “Scots Feils” article

Sarah Mabry
Guest Columnist

To whom it may concern:
In a recent Courier edition published in February of 2013, I have reason for serious concern with an article printed in the paper. I write this opinion article somberly and with respect to express my ill feelings in regards to the un-professionalism of the article ¨Scots Feils: The large labia project¨. With the intention to expose the flaws in this article I would like to give positive advice on how it could have been improved. Primarily, I wish to express my concern given the fact that this article is published in our school newspaper.

First, why does the leading story in the Features section of our newspaper have to be about finding a website of ¨Vaginas of all shapes and sizes¨¨ that was found to be ¨just too interesting¨? What kind of website is the author looking for if this is the kind of webpage the author said she ¨stumbled upon¨? Or perhaps the author was going for a shock value. It missed the mark there too. No woman is shocked that she has female-only body parts. That they are any particular size, shape or color is no one´s business. I don´t know of one woman who finds this being a topic of conversation. We don´t compare these things in conversation. Not now. Not ever. If you do, it is quite frankly, troubling.

Second, what audience reading the paper finds this subject matter interesting? Obviously the author thought the students, faculty and staff care about such things. We do not. The fact that this subject was written publicly is socially crass. Perhaps this article was written to entertain. However, there is no common decorum or taste to write a public article on this subject.

It seemed as though the author was writing to please the ¨Women Libbers,¨ those who promote open and free sexual expression. Sure, this article may be acceptable in ¨Cosmo¨ magazine. But it is not acceptable for our college newspaper Features section. If this article is meant to uplift, encourage, or inspire women to accept ourselves for what our bodies look like, then it failed miserably in this regard.

There is a need to inform women about finding acceptance with how they look. However, by encouraging women to ¨submit photos to the Large Labia Project, women can fight that view and receive positive feedback and praise for their lovely lady parts and shake their feelings of imperfection,¨ as the author states, are we beginning to accept our bodies more by comparing ourselves to other women and measuring ourselves against pictures of their female-only parts? This article was an insult to all women who stay true to their values. Womanhood would be better served by celebrating a woman´s character and heart, not her body parts.

Finally, it saddens me that there is no oversight to see the clear discrepancies in this article. Because I care about quality news in our school newspaper, I find it is necessary to speak out and express my concern with the unprofessionalism of this article.

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