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Will the real Mrs. Mosby please stand up?

April 5, 2013

How I Met Your Mother will soon reveal Ted's elusive love.

Viewers are through almost eight complete seasons and we still haven’t found out how Ted meets the mother. Finding out who the kids’ mother will be may not be the main focus of the show in previous seasons, but as the show winds down to its final seasons, the issue underlying the name of the series is at the forefront of every good fan’s mind.

Just recently, in the March 25 episode of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM), Ted drops his Barney-like attitude and realizes it is time for his 30-something self to settle down, and for real this time. “The Time Travelers,” as the latest episode is called, hinted that in 45 days something was going to happen regarding the ever-so-mysterious mother. HIMYM fans can only guess that the elusive mother is finally going to be seen (and without that annoying yellow umbrella blocking her face). Ironically enough, the revealing episode is the season eight finale which will premiere the day after Mother’s Day.

In honor of this HIMYM breakthrough finale, two self-proclaimed HIMYM addicts have decided to refresh fans on the theories regarding Ted’s future wife.


Early on, we all wanted this relationship to work out. However, even though some may still have their hopes held high, Robin will never be the mother. Our thoughts: In the pilot episode, Robin is introduced as Aunt Robin. In every season since, she has been mentioned as Aunt Robin, not mom. Therefore in the words of Marshall Erikson: Bam Lawyered!

St. Patty’s Day Girl

The next on our trip down memory lane is the St. Patrick’s Day run-in girl. Many don’t remember her, especially since she only was seen for two seconds. In S03E12 “No Tomorrow,” a girl was seen outside of the club wearing dark wash jeans and holding a yellow umbrella. A girl wearing the same jeans bumped into Ted while he was at the bar. This girl is only a contender because the run-in was emphasized by the writers. However, later Ted told his kids that their mother was at that same club that night and that he didn’t officially meet her. Our thoughts: We don’t think she was the mother, because they showed her face (which is a big no-no for HIMYM fans), and we think it was pure coincidence that she bumped in to him (possibly for dramatic effect?).

Ted’s past romances

Stella… Victoria… Zoey… The list goes on and on. Despite Ted saying countless times these women were not the mother, fans still have hope that one of Ted’s exes will make a comeback. This better not happen. Victoria had a second chance since she was likeable in the first two seasons, but her season eight comeback ended in a sloppy mess. And while The Captain may have had a successful comeback, we’re hoping Ted isn’t crazy enough to go back to Zoey. Our thoughts: Ted needs a totally new love interest. It’ll just go along with the “Tracy theory.”

The Tracy Theory

Our guess is that the mother is Tracy. Tracy was mentioned to be the mother’s name in the season one episode “Belly Full of Turkey.” We think that Tracy is Cindy’s (played by Rachel Bilson) roommate. In” The Time Travelers,” Ted shows up at Cindy’s old apartment and speaks to the unseen mother confessing his undying love for her. Unfortunately this heart touching scene was all a fabrication of Ted’s imagination.

Rewatch season five episode 12 if you want a refresher on Cindy and her roommate Tracy. Our thoughts: The roommate would be the perfect mother because future Ted continuously mentions her throughout the series (plus she plays bass, reads poetry and listens to music only Ted would know). We even have a theory on how they meet. In the latest episode, Robin and Barney were arguing over a band or DJ for their wedding. We know Ted meets the mother at Barney’s wedding. If Robin and Barney choose a band, we think Tracy could be the bass player for the band. Now wouldn’t that be cute.

Only time will tell if she indeed is the mother during the season eight finale of HIMYM airing May 13, but be sure to watch the remaining episodes until then in case more hints are given away.

Stevie Croisant and Porscha McCloud
Copy and Layout editor
Contributing Writer

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One Response to Will the real Mrs. Mosby please stand up?

  1. Dave

    April 8, 2013 at 10:53 am

    “Our thoughts: The roommate would be the perfect mother”

    Would be? This is the mother. Maybe you should re watch the episode with Cindy. He blatantly see’s her feet and comments on it.