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After setback, ASAP brings Forever The Sickest Kids to campus

April 5, 2013

With initial performers reneging on the spring concert to a lucky acquisition, the Association for Student Activity Planning (ASAP) spring concert has sung several different tunes this year.

In a continuation of ASAP’s attempt to appeal to the larger campus wants, the group decided to let students choose which performer would visit campus. Voting to choose the spring concert performer began during first semester. Candidates consisted of The Cab, Tyler Hilton, Ryan Cabrera and Josh Kelley. ASAP announced earlier this semester that The Cab won the voting and would be performing at the concert.

However, when The Cab signed a major record deal last month, they were forced to cancel the rest of their college concerts, including the Monmouth performance. The ASAP board did not allow this cancellation to put a coda on the big show.

“I was disappointed when I heard The Cab cancelled, but we all knew we had to put it behind us and get to work to find a new performer who would be just as exciting,” said ASAP Afterhours Chair Amber Berge.

Luckily, The Cab’s agent was helpful in finding the school a fill-in. “[The Cab’s] agent gave us a list of affordable bands and we went from there,” says Berge regarding how Forever The Sickest Kids became the replacement. ASAP realized there was too little time to allow a vote, so they made an executive decision.

ASAP executive board member, Tessa Ginn, thinks the school hit a high note by acquiring the Dallas-based pop punk band Forever The Sickest Kids.

“We are lucky to have Forever the Sickest Kids perform here at Monmouth College. The band is headlining [Van’s] Warped Tour and we get to see them for only five dollars.”

The spring concert takes place this Saturday, April 6 in Dahl Chapel at 7 p.m. with Monmouth College’s own Jake Willis and Rob Peffer of The Sailing Cashews doing an opening set.

Chase Mowery
Contributing Writer

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