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Under Dunn’s leadership water polo looks ahead

April 5, 2013

Kimarri Campbell / The Courier - Senior Julie Samuelson defends the goal during practice. In the fall, both men's and women's teams will be varsity.

Starting with close to nothing, the Monmouth College water polo program has grown and developed into a successful sensation. So successful, in fact, that while the program comes to an end, the varsity sport begins.

Josh Dunn, former MC player and recently hired head coach of the Monmouth College water polo team talked to The Courier in an exclusive interview about the many transitions water polo has gone through at MC.

“My freshman year in ‘08 we were playing on goals made out of PVC and tarps,” said Dunn about where the water polo program started.

Not only did the team start with nothing, they won with nothing. Dunn expressed how happy he was with where the program is headed. Dunn admits he “couldn’t be happier” that water polo is now a varsity sport. He is especially proud of the National championship and strong talent he sees on the current team.

Dunn played water polo in high school and continued his career in college where he is now building up the water polo program. “I looking forward to taking our team to the next level,” Dunn said.

The biggest change to the sport, now that they will be competing at a varsity level, is the competition. However, Dunn believes the transition should be an easy one for both the men’s and women’s teams.

“We will no longer be participating in the Heartland Conference and will now be playing all our competitions against NCAA Division III teams,” Dunn said.

Dunn will be the youngest varsity coach in MC history.

Kendall Cox
Contributing Writers

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