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Advice with some Spice

April 12, 2013

Q: How do I solve friends hacking onto my Facebook? They post obnoxious comments and I don’t know how to tell them to stop.

Paprika: Hello my lovely sunflower! To solve this problem you must follow Paprika’s spicy tips!
1) Next time they hack, tell them to take a step back! (If they don’t, give em a smack)
2) If that does not work, ALWAYS make sure you are logged out of your Facebook, duh!
3) THEN if that doesn’t work, because let’s face it, all our friends know our passwords! CHANGE em! Make sure it is nothing they will ever figure out! Maybe something like paprikaisawesome?
Buenos suerte! (Yes, this spice is bilingual chicas)

Peppercorn: Happy Friday, cupcake! Well, I think Paprika hit this one right on the nail. All I would say is tell your friends to keep off of your facebook and make sure that you log out if someone is planning on using your computer! Also, tell them to grow up. We’re in college and people should understand that future employers will be looking at Facebook, and your friends probably wouldn’t like if it was done to their Facebook.
So you know, take the high road and cover your bases- You can never change your password too many times. Just in case you do, peppercornisawesome is a way better password than Paprika’s.
Have a wonderful weekend, and as my homegirl Ellen Degeneres always says, be kind to one another!

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