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The Sideline

April 12, 2013

When is enough finally enough? I don’t get it Cubs fans. Why do you draw so much attention to your team’s streak of futility? I admire you for supporting your squad through arguably the worst century-long stretch in sports, but you never fail to overreact; throwing your life’s hopes and aspirations into each new season as if the dawn of Opening Day signals a new lease on life.

Utopian visions are great; your team isn’t. While Theo Epstein is a proven general manager and a man baseball insiders believe can make the Northsiders matter again, the team’s not there yet.

No fanbase in sports has made greater buffoons of themselves over the years than Cubs fans. They’ve blamed the appearance of a goat for a loss in the 1945 World Series, freaked out when a black cat crossed Ron Santo’s path during a game against the Mets in 1969 (claiming it responsible for blowing a 9.5 game division lead down the stretch) and finally the whole Bartman debacle in the 2003 NLCS, when the ‘fanaticism’ of these crazed fans may have actually “cost” their team a berth in the World Series. If the Northsiders drop three straight in April, their fans are already talking about next year. Get a grip people – no one likes fans who feel sorry for themselves, and that’s all Cubs fans seem to be good at.

Rubbish, the Cubs are actually in a good position for years to come. A young infield nucleus of Anthony Rizzo, Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney are a solid place to start.

Note to Theo: lock these guys up long-term. Over the past couple years the organization has dumped the overblown contracts of Carlos Zambrano, Geovany Soto, Kosuke Fukudome, Ryan Dempster and Aramis Ramirez. Only the divisive Alfonso Soriano remains from the team that won the NL Central in ’07 and ’08. Fans wanted a purge; they got it. For their team to accomplish something it never has, Cubs nation will have to do something it’s never done: shut up and be patient.

Kyle McEwen
Sports Editor

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