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Boston bombings labeled as act of terror

April 19, 2013

Explosions tore apart Boylston Street in Boston during the 116th annual Boston Marathon.  Three people were killed and roughly 180 people were injured from the blast. The explosions occurred not just during the Boston Marathon but on Patriots Day.  According to the Massachusetts state web page, Patriots Day is meant to commemorate the opening battles of the American Revolutionary War.

So, what connection does the Boston Marathon, Patriots Day and the explosions have in common? Federal Investigators are still unsure at this point.  On Wednesday, Special Agent Greg Comcowich of the FBI said, “No arrest has been made in connection with the Boston Marathon attack,” according to the FBI’s web page.

The Boylston street area is, “the most complex crime scene in the history of the department,” said Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis in a press conference. According to the Boston Globe, the crime scene spans over 15 blocks on Monday but the crime scene continues to shrink as investigators process more evidence.

It’s clear that investigators are making progress but the sheer size of the crime scene is slowing the process of identifying the individual or individuals responsible. What is known is what the bombs were made of and how much damage they caused.

The Associated Press reported the bombs were built out of pressure cookers and contained metal shards and ball bearings.  ABC reported that toy remote control cars were used in the construction of the bombs. All materials are available to the general public and literature to construct bombs can be found online.

President Obama described the explosions as an “act of terrorism” on Tuesday in front of cameras at a press conference.

“We will find whoever harmed our citizens and we will bring them to justice,” he said. “The American people refuse to be terrorized.”

President Obama gave a speech in Boston on Thursday at the “Healing Our City” service. Politico reported that the President renewed his pledge that those responsible will be found.

On the same day multiple media outlets reported that the FBI released photos of two suspects in Boston Bombings case. Both males are carrying backpacks, one wearing a black hat and the other wearing a white hat. Both were viewed on video from businesses along the marathon route.

“Today we are enlisting the public’s help in identifying the two suspects,” said Special Agent Rick DesLauriers, the head of the FBI’s Boston Office. He urged the public to “not take any action on your own” and to leave the apprehension of the suspects to law enforcement officials.

Joe Florio
Photo Editor

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