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Opening for the new building grows closer

April 19, 2013

Photo courtesy of Mike Roemer - Students experience class in the new Center for Science and Business for the first time.

After almost two years of construction, the new science and business building will officially be inducted into the Monmouth College campus on May 10 with its dedication ceremony. The ceremony will begin at 3 p.m. with several notable speakers including alumni, college president Mauri Ditzler, professor Audra Sostarecz, junior Donasia Rasheed and Orion Samuelson from WGN Radio and a formal ribbon-cutting will conclude the ceremony.

Besides speakers, students will participate in the Cornerstone Ceremony.

“Some students are going to deposit the soil they brought,” said Dean David Timmerman. “It’ll be put somewhere in the building site.”

Tours will be given before and after the official ceremony. However, some students already experienced what it was like to hold class in the new building. For photography and video opportunities to document the new building, some professors held actual classes or labs in the new building.

“It was cool to be one of the first classes to officially have class in it,” said junior Business major Porscha McCloud.

The first two classes were a computer science class taught by professor James L. Mayfield, who held class in a break-out room with a wrap-around white board, and a political economy and commerce class taught by professor Thomas Prince, taught in the Pattee Auditorium. Another business class taught by Wendine Bolon in a new business classroom and a chemistry lab taught by professor Brad Sturgeon in one of the general chemistry laboratories was recorded on video on April 15.

“Students really enjoyed seeing the new building and being in the classroom setting in a new environment,” Prince said. “I also think the integration of the science and business is good for the college and for the students. If you’re going into business, you need to know science, and if you’re going into science, you need to know business. The new building gives us the chance to demonstrate visibly what we talk about in class.”

Beginning after commencement and expected to continue through July, seven departments at the college will move into the new building. The political economy and commerce, math and computer science, accounting, biology, psychology, physics and chemistry departments all will be integrated into the new building.

As some chemistry students are staying on campus to do summer research, the move will go as quickly as possible, according to Timmerman.

“The building is supposed to be an integration of the sciences and business,” Timmerman said. “We were originally planning to build two new buildings but decided it would be better to combine the two areas for one building. Now the different departments can work together in an easier fashion, and that will be better for our faculty but also for our students in the departments.”

Cassie Burton
News Editor

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