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Residence hall break-ins call for change in policy

April 19, 2013

Beginning next year, security will be making regular rounds during breaks to check for open windows and suspicious activity and report instances to the residence life office. Dean Mohsin Masood issued the order after receiving a report of a break-in from a North Hall first-floor quad.

As of press time, the culprit is unknown but is believed to have entered the dorm from a window the room’s occupant left open before leaving for Easter break. Items reported missing include an X-box and other electronics.
“The investigation is ongoing, so I cannot speculate as to who it is or what happened exactly,” Masood said, “but I believe that the open window gave invitation to the burglar.”

The exact time of the break-in and theft is unknown but occurred over Easter weekend. Multiple other residents have reported stolen items since then.

Currently the Monmouth police and Monmouth College security are working together to investigate the cases.

According to Masood, students leaving windows open over breaks is an ongoing problem, hence the new policy beginning next year. The issue poses several risks for all rooms regardless of floor, such as burglary and weather damage.

“I always advise students to close their windows when leaving, because they are leaving their stuff here,” Masood said.

The college is not responsible for any theft, a waiver that all students sign at the beginning of the year. The policy for personal property, as said on MC’s website, is the college “assumes no liability for theft, damage or loss of money, valuables or other personal effects of any student or guest caused by fire, water, steam, insufficient heat, power failure or surge, the elements, neglect, theft or the actions of a third party that occur in College housing or on College property.”

The Office of Residence Life has released a statement via the portal asking students to “…make sure they lock their windows at all times, especially those who live on the first floor of every residence hall. Students are also reminded to keep their doors locked as well.”

Cassie Burton
News Editor

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