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April 19, 2013

Tomorrow is the last Friday morning when I will wake up and wonder with mixed feelings of dread and anticipation what will be in my inbox. Dread, because if I’ve learned anything during my tenure here at the Courier, it is that nothing is ever done perfectly, and someone will always notice (and send me a gleeful email). I’ve also learned, however, that people love to give feedback, and I love to receive it. Feedback, whether it be negative or positive, tells me that 1. People are reading the paper, and 2. They are invested in what is happening on their campus. For that, I’m incredibly grateful to the students, faculty and staff who have filled my email inbox with their outrage, encouragement, and insight.

Thank you for all the last minute interviews, quotes, and not requesting to remain anonymous. You’ve taught me that I will never understand someone better than when I am trying to squeeze quotable material out of them, and it will be a long time before I hear of an event without thinking, “Is there a story there?”

As for the future, I’m very excited with the ways the Courier continues to move forward. Stevie Croisant, next year’s stellar Editor-in-Chief, Nina Marini and I created a cleaner,  more dynamic front page which we debuted in this issue. We are continuing to expand our online presence, managing multiple social media sites, and starting new blogs in the fall.

While it’s strange to think that something I’ve invested so much time in will continue to grow without my help, I know that it will continue to flourish because of the incredible staff and our advisor Joe Angotti, and I will flourish because of what they taught me. Of the four years I’ve done this, this has been the best, and for that, thank you.

Sarah Zaubi

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