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Tombstone Bowl comes to Monmouth

September 6, 2013

Kelsi Ford / The Courier - One of eight alleys available at Tombstone Bowl in Monmouth.

In just a few weeks’ time, Monmouth will gain another attraction: a new bowling alley. Owner Charles Brown purchased an old vacant lot on 11th Street in town for his new business, located two buildings away from the student parking lot.

Brown previously owned an alley called Charles’ Country Fun in Diggsville, but an electrical fire destroyed the establishment, which was originally erected in 1978.

Using the insurance money he was required to invest, he made the decision to move to Monmouth, where population of the town and the college community seemed better equipped to support his business.

Starting from scratch after many encouraged him to reopen, he built an eight-lane alley with 32-inch screen score keeping machines. He had to replace all of the shoes, pins, balls and other accessories of his former establishment, which he owned for four years.

Brown is naming the new alley Tombstone Bowl for two reasons: Wyatt Earp’s (the historic figure associated with Monmouth) final home was in Tombstone, Arizona and the moniker is a form of memorial to Brown’s former alley.

“When a person dies, they are given a funeral with a tombstone to memorialize them. This new alley will be the old one’s tombstone,” Brown said.

Additionally, he has a number of plans for the new business. The alley will start out being open five nights a week, it will host open bowl nights on Fridays and Saturdays and house the college intramural team on Wednesday nights. Although set hours have yet to be decided. Reservations and parties will be welcomed.

There may be employment opportunities for college students as well. Student applications will be accepted, however, age may be a factor since alcohol will be served. Brown will work full time, with a few other part-time workers.

A jukebox for entertainment will be installed and soda, as well as some alcoholic beverages, will be served.

Additionally, Brown hopes to be able to offer pizza and sandwiches in the near future. Monmouth students are encouraged to come play a few frames and check out all that Tombstone Bowl has to offer.

Claire Griffith and Neddy Velez
Contributing Writers

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