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MacGyver’s Guide to College: Monmouth College Edition

September 13, 2013

1. Want a shorter walk to class? The underground tunnel from Poling to Wallace can cut down your walk time by a few minutes. There’s even a door on Poling that faces the CSB that leads you right into the tunnel. This is also a great tip to remember come winter.

2. If you have a group meeting for class, the best place to meet right now would be the Mellinger Lounge in the CSB. Group ideas are easy to map out now that the tables are made of giant pieces of paper. You can scrap ideas or occasionally doodle when you need some creative inspiration.
3. The parking situation at MC isn’t the greatest, so if you’re looking for a spot, try scoping out the area for that one guy who pulls out his car keys before he even makes it to the lot. On the other hand, if you’re that guy, wait until you’re by your car to pull out your car keys. Hopefully no one will notice you went on that taco bell run so you can have the same spot when you return to campus.

4. Computers crash way too often, especially when it’s crunch time for midterms or finals. Luckily, the IT department on campus fixes computers…for free- as long as you don’t need parts!
5. We all know the library closes too early. Lucky for us, Mellinger Learning Center is open 24/7 and it’s quiet. Plus there are printers and computers available.

6. The twenty minute drive to Galesburg may not be worth it to see the next Joseph Gordon Levitt movie, but if you already own “500 Days of Summer” or “Inception,” just visit Stockdale and you can get a pass to rent out the Peterson Theater for the night. It’s air-conditioned and has comfy seats. It’s a way better deal than the actual movie theaters. Plus you can order pizza.

7. If you don’t have a car and you’re tired of walking the 10 minutes to Walgreens, then the Scots Cruisers is a solution for you. Just ask to check out a bike in Stockdale and you’ll get a key to unlock a bike that’s yours for a whole 24 hours.

8. Einstein’s salads are supppper expensive. They’re supppper good. But they’re not available for meal exchange in the library. So if you’re craving a premium salad, visit Scots’ Market during lunch hours, and for a meal exchange, you can get water and an Einstein’s salad. It’s probably the best deal on campus. It also works with fruit cups in case you aren’t into the whole salad thing.

9. If someone does not log out of their computer, it is not the end of the world. Hold down the power button and turn off the computer, when you restart it the computer is now able to log on to the login that you choose.

10. Professors keep office hours to be available to you. You can usually find a teacher’s office hours by checking their class syllabus. Stop in if you have a question or just say hi. They are the reason we pay so much to go here.

11. If you wish to preserve your parking spot longer than two seconds, don’t have your car keys out as you are walking to your car. People looking for a parking spot often try to find a person who looks as if they are about to leave. Instead leave them in your bag.

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