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“Looking for future leaders”: MC alumni return to campus to share experiences at Peoria headquarters

October 4, 2013

Caterpillar account representatives visited Monmouth College last Monday to get students interested in the internship opportunities at the company. This was part of the small college initiative Caterpillar is focusing on this year.

Monmouth College alumni Julie Trac (’07), Steven Coutts (’06) and Jessica DeVore Johnston (’04) visited campus. Caterpillar will start recruiting this month for full-time positions and internships for fall 2014 and spring 2015.

The team held half-hour presentations in the introductory accounting classes as well as engaged in a sit down question-and-answer session with students. They emphasized Caterpillar’s need for well-rounded students in both internship and employment opportunities.

“Caterpillar is looking for future leaders,” said Trac.

Even though the visit was strictly about finance, Trac touched on the fact that Caterpillar offers opportunities in many fields such as finance, information technology, human sesources, marketing and engineering.

Students who are interested in applying to a position of employment or internship at Caterpillar will need to be prepared. The team suggested that they get their resumes ready and go through some type of interview training.

Candidates must be able to show leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. They also discussed how to behave in an interview using their “STAR” technique, which stands for situation or task, action and result.

Founded in 1925, Caterpillar has grown into a multinational company with its central head quarters located in Peoria. They have over 130,000 employees worldwide and do business in 180 countries.

“Caterpillar is an exciting place to work; every day is different and definitely not boring,” Trac said, who is now working as a staff accountant II cost/decision support at the Aurora facility. She graduated Monmouth in 2007 with a double major in accounting and business administration.

The three MC alumni are only a few of the many that have been able to develop careers at Caterpillar.

“We have a number of outstanding accounting students at Caterpillar and their success benefits students coming from Monmouth College,” said Chair of the Accounting department Judy Peterson.

Trac suggests that students should get involved early by attending more round table discussions, speaking with Caterpillar at career fairs and even visiting the head quarters in Peoria.

“Don’t hesitate to contact the Caterpillar recruiting team if you have questions or need guidance,” Trac said. For more information, visit their website at

Alistair Ramsay
Contributing Writer

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