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Comedy, music mix

October 4, 2013

The Association for Student Activity Programming (ASAP) works hard to plan events and make sure activities are happening at Monmouth College, and they did not disappoint during this year’s family weekend. One event ASAP planned during the weekend was a performance by DakaBoom. DakaBoom is a comedy duo from New York and Los Angeles who have been performing together for over a decade.

“[The group] started out when Paul Peglar and Ben McLain, the members of DakaBoom, performed for their high school. Since it was such a success they started doing public shows and eventually became popular enough to start going on tour,” said ASAP executive member Zac Brand.

The performance consisted of a mix of comedy and unique musical numbers that highlighted the members’ individual talents, which included falsetto singing, beat boxing and creative song writing.

“My favorite part was the song where they sang fifty theme songs in less than five minutes” said ASAP President, Amber Berge

Other favorites among students were when the duo mixed television themes songs together and Peglar’s hilarious attempt to do stand-up comedy.

“DakaBoom was a unique group that appealed to all ages” Berge said.

This made it very fitting for Family Weekend. Executive board member Sarina Alexander echoed Berge.

“DakaBoom was a good choice for Family Weekend because they were very entertaining. The energy that they possessed was enthralling due to the talents that they had. Peglar could sing in falsetto and McLain could sing in an opera-like way. They incorporated material from different years in their act which appealed to both the younger and older members of the audience.”

DakaBoom proved to be a thrilling end to a Saturday full of fun activities with the family. Overall, Berge was very pleased with the outcome.

“I’m really glad Family Weekend was such a success and that a great group like DakaBoom could entertain the students and families for the exciting weekend.”

Hannah Maloney
Contributing Writer

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