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Faculty competes, raises awareness

October 4, 2013

October is a month that supports awareness for numerous causes. For instance, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, a cause that numerous Monmouth students have decided to support by dying their hair pink. In addition to breast cancer, the month of October is dedicated to raising awareness for down syndrome, domestic violence and dental hygiene.

Awareness of social issues is important, but action is more effective. Since this is October, Monmouth College employees are doing just that: taking action. From Oct. 5 to Nov. 16, MC is competing against Knox College in the fourth Annual Employee Walking Challenge.

This challenge is a friendly competition to see which campus can accumulate the largest amount of steps throughout the six weeks of the competition.

By encouraging employees to be aware of how many steps they take in a day, the Employee Walking Challenge promotes living an active lifestyle. MC is using its infamous rivalry with Knox College to motivate its employees to walk as much as they can. The entire MC Psychology department has decided to take part in this activity.

“If Professor Dopheide would answer your question, she’d say we decided to participate because we’re the most awesome department on campus. And of course that is true. It’s also true that we like to have fun in our department, and this sounded like we could have fun with it, in addition to getting some good exercise,” said Professor Jane Jakoubek of the Psychology department.

“And besides, we climb a lot of stairs over here in the Center for Science and Business, which gives us a great edge.”

The participants receive a pedometer to keep track of their steps. As an additional incentive to participate, Monmouth will award prizes weekly to the employee that reports the most steps and the employee that has the biggest increase in steps from the previous week. Also, two random winners will be selected simply for being a part of the event.

Email your name and department to if you’re interested in being a part of the event.

Whether you’re an avid supporter of the rivalry between Knox College and Monmouth College or you’re looking for the motivation to be active, there’s nothing to lose by participating in the Employee Walking Challenge – except maybe some weight.

Penny Flynn
Contributing Writer

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