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In Lauren Kellen we trust

October 4, 2013

Monmouth College Photo / Junior Lauren Kellen leads her team in 14 goals this season.

Junior Lauren Kellen sums up her early success this season with one word: teamwork. That teamwork has no doubt assisted Monmouth’s leading goal scorer in becoming poised to make this year one for the record books.

After scoring the overtime-goal in yesterday’s match-up against Illinois College, the forward now leads the team with 14 goals this season. Kellen currently sits a mere five goals shy of becoming the number one goal scorer in the Midwest Conference. If that wasn’t enough, the Mendota native also leads the team in almost all individual categories: points, goals, shots, game-winning-goals and shots-on-goal.

Yet what sets Kellen apart from most star athletes is her unwavering dedication to her team. “My teammates put the ball where it needs to be,” said Kellen. “It’s all about knowing my teammates and being ready to attack.”

Kellen is currently seventh in the overall Division III standings for average goals per game. With a current average of (1.44), Monmouth College’s leading scorer sits seven places behind current leader and Midwest Conference (MWC) rival, St. Norbert’s Katie Vanden Avond. Vanden Avond leads the MWC and Division III standings with a goal average of (1.727) per game.

The forward insists that the success will not get to her head. “I never think I’m better than anyone else out there,” Kellen said. “Its weird to think that the number of goals our team has allowed me to score has placed me so far up in the rankings.”

As the conference season gains momentum Kellen has her eyes set on beating the all-time season scoring record. “I’m really hoping to finish this season above twenty-one goals and break it again next year.” Kellen also believes other records will follow. “Hopefully if I am able to beat the all-time season scoring record, the career records will eventually come with it.”

The 2011 and 2012 single-season goal leader looks forward to the MWC post-season but isn’t naïve about what needs to be done in order to win. “We need to play like we have a chip on our shoulder, we will keep defending our field.” Said Kellen. “We feel confident. We haven’t been given anything, we have earned it.”

More than anything the junior wants to continue playing well for her teammates. “I want us to win the championship for the seniors. They’ve always been there and made the incoming process much easier to play soccer,” said Kellen. “Since I’ve been here we have become a really tight nit group.”

“It means a lot playing with these girls. Its more than just playing soccer, I’m hanging out with my friends, and we have a blast.”

Kellen looks to continue her outstanding performance this weekend as the Fighting Scots take on Cornell College Saturday in Mount Vernon, Iowa.

Mike Olszewski
Sports Editor

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