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Is Miley Cyrus taking a “Wrecking Ball” to her life?

October 4, 2013

Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana no longer, debuting her new scandalous attitude in her newest album, Bangerz. Cyrus has been criticized numerous times for her new sexual persona.

The first big wave of criticism came when the artist released her “We Can’t Stop” music video in June.  Cyrus engages in different shenanigans throughout the video.

This video took many by surprise and the randomness of the scenes bothered the majority of people that watched the video.

The second wave of criticism occurred when Cyrus was performing at the VMAs and began to twerk on Robin Thicke while wearing a two-piece, skin tight, nude outfit.

Many said her actions on stage were crass and not suitable to be displayed on television.

The same people that were criticizing Cyrus seemed to be the people who could sing along to her songs and actively went looking for these different music videos and performances.

I think Cyrus is doing a bang-up job at marketing her new music and getting her name out there. If Cyrus had kept her good-girl persona, no one would be talking about her new music, let alone actively searching for it.  She faded out of the mainstream pop culture years ago when her hit show, Hannah Montana ended. By taking this new persona to the extreme, Cyrus has ensured that she is getting publicity and is in the forefront of pop culture.
This can be seen through the record-breaking views of her newest music video, “Wrecking Ball.”

While I don’t personally agree with the way Cyrus is marketing herself, I have to admit that she’s been successful at getting the public’s attention.

Mackenzie Mahler
News Editor

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