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Scottish Professor to Visit Monmouth

October 4, 2013

Alastair Durie, a professor of economic history, will make a pit stop in Monmouth on his way to a keynote speech at the University of Guelph in Canada. It is fitting that his travels have brought him into Fighting Scot’s territory.  Having taught at several institutions in Scotland and the United Kingdom, including the University of Aberdeen, the University of Stirling, Glasgow University, and United Kingdom’s Open University, Alastair Durie is no stranger to bagpipes and kilts. A specialist in the field of Scottish tourism, Durie has produced many books on the topic. His work in Travels in Scotland is found to be a defining text in the field of Scottish tourism.
Durie has a personal connection to Monmouth College through Professor Mark Willhardt, who had the pleasure of having Durie for his advisor during Willhardt’s undergraduate junior year as he studied abroad.

In his few days here, Durie will meet with classes, have meals with students and faculty and present on the “hydro” industry in Scotland. Referring to spas used for medicinal healing purposes, the “hydro” industry has been a way to combine the ideas of science and health with the revenue of business. Of course, Durie’s lecture fits right into the current academic goals of Monmouth College in the attempt to integrate science and business with the construction of the new Center for Science and Business.

Durie’s involvement in the foreign studies advising also gives the idea that this culmination of two areas of focus can be applied even when students study abroad. Alastair Durie provides a real-life example that both these fields are merging on the global scale.

Monmouth College students can gain knowledge and experience from what’s sure to be an interesting and eye opening presentation on Oct. 9 at 7 P.M. in the Pattee Auditorium of the Center for Science and Business.

Kate Miller
Contributing Writer

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