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The Levolution is Coming

October 15, 2013

“Battlefield 4” launches Oct. 29, and with it comes levolution; however before its release gamers are playing the beta version of the game now. This means it is not a total representation of the game but allows players a peek at what is to come. With that peek comes one crazy ride down a falling skyscraper.

Levolution is a term being used by the development team to speak about the ability to use destruction in order to change the play space. On the Siege of Shanghai map, the center piece of levolution takes the form of a massive skyscraper. Using a vehicle or explosives it is possible to destroy the front braces to the tower. This results in the tower falling forward while crumbling.

What makes this even better is that it changes the central capture location’s playing environment. There is a capture point both on top of the tower and in the debris field once it falls. When the point is on the top of the tower it plays very close quarters as the only way up is via helicopter or elevator. Otherwise once the building falls, the point plays more open and is vulnerable to sniper and vehicle fire.

While playing the beta, the best moment for me was being on the tower when it started to fall. I ran off the top of the building. Threw open my parachute and watched as it all came down. This experience was short lived for some. Players soon chose to destroy the building quickly in order to remove the tactical advantages it gave the controlling team if left standing.

For those who played previous battlefield betas, players this time are able to get into vehicles. That includes helicopters. One interesting note is that vehicles now play different because the controls for solider and vehicle have been remapped for the 360. This resulted in me crashing my helicopter the first couple of times.
This beta is meant to test the network and server load capabilities. So the graphics and sound are a bit muted on the Xbox 360. One player I was in a squad with kept talking about the grayness of the skyscraper’s rubble. Even with muted elements the game looked good and showed some promise once the high resolution graphics were reintroduced.

Some noticeable bugs in the beta consisted of graphical glitching and problems with squad support. Since the beta is using low resolution images this isn’t much of a surprise. The problems with squad support amount to problems bring a squad into a match at one time. The beta for battlefield 3 had this same issue and it was mostly resolved at release. So, teaming up on consoles may have cause some challenges in the short run.

“Battlefield 4” looks good for a beta and is a blast to play. There is still time for you to try it for yourself as the beta is open until Oct. 14. It is available on PC through EA’s Origin, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

Elisha French
Political Editor

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