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Ghost hunter thrills with the supernatural

November 1, 2013

Kelsi Ford - The Courier / Ghost hunter Chris Fleming summons paranormal activity last Friday in Dahl.

Last Friday, Chris Fleming took Monmouth College students on a thrill ride fitting for the month of horrors. Fleming, a ghost-hunter boasting credits such as the “Famous Dead” and “Ghost Adventures,” entertained and informed roughly 100 students interested in the paranormal, whether believing or not. One thing is for sure: Chris Fleming doesn’t just believe in the supernatural, he knows it exists.

Fleming set the stage for a spooky evening with a slideshow displaying ghoulish entities lurking in the background. At the start of his presentation, Fleming emphasized his ethos for ghost hunting, the realities of paranormal activity and his own ability as a medium/sensor.

Growing up in a haunted house, Fleming was invited to the “other side” quite early in his life. Fleming’s childhood memories of the paranormal include faces in the wall and a dark whirlwind of evil that was hindered from contact only by his baby-sitter’s audible praying. Growing up in such uncanny situations, Fleming’s curiosity peaked, and thus was born a ghost hunter.

Of course, contacting ghosts for a living doesn’t come without its problems. Fleming admits he’s been nearly possessed, had spiritual attachments—spirits in “Insidious”-like fashion clung to a mortal body—and had plenty of frightening interactions.

However, throughout all the screams and scares, Fleming insists spiritual contact is relatively harmless, albeit serious. Indeed, his light-hearted interaction with the ghosts on the ghost tour displayed his confidence and calm when contacting the paranormal.

Fleming’s confidence is bred through his experience and the sophistication of his equipment and training. In an effort to protect himself, Fleming baths in a dead sea salt and lemon bath every December.

Moreover, for a man dealing with entities beyond the physical sphere, his method is highly scientific; his instruction about ghost hunting included discussion about how ghosts work within an electromagnetic field, infrared light and infrasound.

His gadgets for contact included a modified radio that helped to pick up disturbances in the radio waves and an infrared video camera.

For those 40 few who were able to take the after-lecture ghost tour, all these scientific instruments were utilized in an effort to contact a ghost who identified as “David.”

Fleming, who made visible contact with this spirit when he last visited Monmouth in 2009, wanted to see if he could entice the entity into reappearing this time around. While the spirit was reluctant to reappear, Fleming’s “spirit-box,” a modified AM/FM receiver, did pick up enough communication to establish some dialogue.

The most intriguing moment of the tour occurred in Dahl Chapel when a recently deceased friend was contacted. When enticed to show a sign of acknowledgement, Fleming and the tour group insists the spirit said, “watch the kids.”

After being told the spirit had younger siblings, Fleming surmised the spirit would reappear by means relating to an interaction with his little brothers.

Whether one believes in the supernatural, as Fleming does, or one was simply looking for a few cheap thrills, Fleming’s ghoulish hunt was fun for all.

Chase Mowery
Copy Editor

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