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Advice with some spice

November 15, 2013

Dear Paprika and Peppercorn,

I am a transfer student and still haven’t found a solid friend group, any advice?

Paprika: Hello!!!! You have come to the right lady when it comes to making friends. It must be hard to find a core group of college buddies since older students already have their groups. But don’t be scared my friend, you will find your people! My suggestion for you would be to find people who share common interest with you. Find hobbies and organizations that you are passionate about and get involved, hopefully the people in those groups will flock to you! If you show commonalities with people, you will most likely find friendships. Just spread your wings and fly, I promise you will do great and make lifetime college friends!

Peppercorn: Excellent advice Paprika! I would say the same thing. Just find one or two things you’re interested and give it a go! There are always friends everywhere. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that people already seem to have friend groups. Monmouth is a friendly place and people are welcoming! Just bring your friendly self to an organization and spread your wings!

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