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A cappella groups team up

November 22, 2013

This Sunday Nov. 24, the male and female a cappella groups, the Scotsmen and the Sassy Lassies, will team up to showcase their talents. Performing songs alone and together, the two groups will put on a free concert at 5 p.m. in Dahl chapel.

The Sassy Lassies are led by senior Jen Simmons who has a background in musical theater and performed in an award-winning show choir in high school.

The Scotsmen are led by Mitch Heuermann. Heuermann is a senior who plays piano and sings in the Chorale and the Chamber Choir.

Simmons, when asked about the concert, was adamant.

“Both groups are really excited to be working together on this concert. We will be singing one song together, and I think it’s going to go really well.”

The collaborated song will be, “Glad You Came,” originally sung by “The Wanted,” a male pop group.

The Sassy Lassies will be singing seven songs other than the one they are singing with the Scotsmen. Some of the songs like “Hey Jude” and the theme song from “Friends” are crowd favorites that have become staples of their performances.

However, they have several new songs they will be performing including, “It Will” and “Fix You.” The group has grown this year and is exciting to show off some of their new work.

The Scotsmen have a nice selection of songs for the show as well. Some of the songs they will perform include, “Earth Angel,” “Duke of Earl” and “Insomniac.” The group will be singing, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” one of the songs that is visibly fun for the Scotsmen and the crowd.

Heuermann, when asked about the benefits of doing a concert with the Sassy Lassies, said, “Having a group concert in the fall is nice for both groups because it takes some pressure off the groups. They don’t have to individually prepare as much music, and they can focus on making a few pieces excellent. It’s also a nice way for us to get together and sing a song or two as well.”

Simmons had a similar response.

“The Scotsmen are always nice to work with. We blend really well as a large group, and I think that having the two groups perform together allows for a lot of variety in the concert.”

Included in the groups’ performances will be several powerful soloes with the group as back-up.

The concert will be free.

Adam Ruble
Contributing Writer

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