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A Tribute to Ditzler

November 22, 2013

“Just as ‘Obamacare’ is the signature achievement of our country’s current president, the new science/business building is the legacy of President Ditzler. If this addition turns out to improve the long run viability of Monmouth College, it will be a testimony to President Ditzler’s business acumen.”
Richard Johnston
Associate Professor
Department of Political Economy and Commerce

“President Ditzler has served the Monmouth College community with passion and vision.  His accomplishments and efforts are evident with the opening of the new Center for Science and Business and the active learning processes across curriculums.  As he moves forward to fulfill his academic and personal goals I wish him the very best and sincerely thank him for his good work here.”
Tom Prince
Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Political Economy & Commerce

“All of the trustees thank Mauri for his service to Monmouth College and wish him continued success in his new position.”
William Goldsborough
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

“Obviously it’s just a surprise, especially after the completion of the new building that symbolizes President Ditzler’s vision of the college’s future.”
Drake Decker

“One has to merely look over the campus and the college catalog to see the major changes that have occurred during the Ditzler presidency, and those which have been continued — for example, to beat Knox in the Turkey Bowl. There is much left to do…but that is something that every past president has reflected upon, and perhaps every future president will, too.”
Bill Urban
Lee L. Morgan Professor of History & International Studies
Department of History

“I have certainly appreciated,, as both a College trustee and the City’s chief elected official, to collaborate with President Ditzler on many projects that have benefited both the College and our community. Mauri had a rare grasp of the importance of a vibrant host community to the growth of the College, and we are all richer for it. He will certainly be missed, but he leaves Monmouth College in a position of strength and well poised for the future.”
Rod Davies
Mayor, Monmouth, IL

“Both the college and the community are better for Mauri’s time here. He really understood the dynamic between a healthy community and a healthy college and how they both support each other. We are, after all, one large, interdependent ecosystem. Plus, he always had really great coffee at his office.”
Paul Schytema
Director of Development
Monmouth, IL

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