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Doctor’s Life Lessons

November 22, 2013

On Saturday, Nov. 23, millions of “Whovians” will be glued to their T.V. screens anxiously awaiting the world premiere of the 50th Anniversary “Doctor Who” special: “The Day of the Doctor.” “Doctor Who” is a British T.V. show about the Doctor, a time traveling alien, who saves the universe countless times with the help of his companions. But “Doctor Who” is more than just a television show. It’s a lesson on life, many lessons in fact. Along with its complex and beautifully written plot lines, “Doctor Who” teaches its viewers important facts of life.

Life Lesson #1: The greatest weapon is your mind. Throughout the series, the Doctor finds himself in peril again and again. Even when faced with the most ruthless of enemies, he refuses to use a gun. All he needs to save the world is his sonic screwdriver and his mind. He uses his vast knowledge to concoct schemes that get him out of every situation.

Life Lesson #2: People come and go, take no one for granted. The Doctor has a multitude of different companions and he loves every one of them in his own way, but they all leave in the end, whether it’s by choice or by outside forces. Many times, we forget that we are lucky to have certain people in our lives. The Doctor shows us that this is a mistake, because you never know when that person may leave your life.

Life Lesson #3: Embrace Change. This lesson can be seen within the show and also in the evolution of the series itself. In the show, the Doctor constantly has to adapt to his situations and learns from them. He understands that life and time are “wibbly wobbly” and forever changing and all one can do is embrace it. “Doctor Who,” the series, has been around for nearly 50 years and this is a result from its ability to constantly adapt. Over the years, the show has had 11 different actors playing the Doctor (he regenerates into a new being when he dies) and each one has brought something good to the show. The directors of the series have been able to embrace the change and work with it to create something fantastic.

Life Lesson #4: People are amazing. The fact that the Doctor finds human beings astonishing is a running theme of the show. He lets us know that everyone is important in some way and that even an ordinary person can change the world. He sees in humans so much potential. “Doctor Who” shows us what we can be.

Kelsi Ford
Photography Manager

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