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Residence managers seek pay raise

November 22, 2013

The Associated Students of Monmouth College (ASMC) is currently trying to help an initiative to raise the pay for residence life staff at Monmouth College. As of now, a Head Resident (HR) receives paid $3,500 a year while a Resident Assistant (RA) is paid $2,500 a year.

The duties for Residence Staff include being involved in a student’s life academically and socially. “Considering the amount of programming, nightly duty, resident meetings and other things RA’s and HR’s have to do, the pay seems low,” said Graham Head Resident David Beuttel.

The pay raise will hopefully give motivation for more students to join the Residence Life Staff and also give incentive for current RA’s and HR’s to return next semester.

There is also hope increased pay will see better results from the staff. “As an HR, I’m not sure the raise will affect me, but if my RA’s are getting paid more then they will likely have more motivation to work hard,” said Beuttel.

The college current employs six RA’s per dorm and one HR except for Peterson Hall and the Founders Village Apartments where five RA’s are staffed.

Alistair Ramsay
Contributing Writer

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