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Ignite flames with activity

January 24, 2014

Ignite, a religious group on campus organized a week-long of activities ranging from a dodgeball night to a chili dinner. The week kicked off with a dodgeball tournament at the Huff Athletic Center, where both the leaders and the students put their skills to a test. Tuesday was a soda pong game. Wednesday, the usual meeting day of Ignite, was met with a sample devotion in Fulton Hall lounge and free pizza for all attending. Thursday was a video game night. The last day of the series was at the residence of Jason Paul Vana, one of the leaders of the group on campus. He had all the students over to enjoy a chili dinner and a fun night of Catchphrase.

Though the group is a Christian devotional group, this week was meant to be a stress relief for anyone no matter their faith or devotion. According to leaders of Ignite, the idea behind the week-long activities was to create an arena for students to transfer back into college lifestyle and also find new members in their regular meetings.

“We were definitely testing the waters to see how many people we would be able to connect with. It took a fair amount of time on the behalf of the people organizing it, but it was definitely worth it,” said Ignite leader Anders Nelson. The week of events offered an opportunity for students to get out of the academic pressure and experience a stress-free environment whilst meeting new people and having a social space. “We were able to meet a lot of new people, build connections with them, and inform them about what Ignite at Monmouth College is all about. I definitely think this will be something we do in the future,” said Nelson. Ignite is branching out with some small groups on campus from their usual meetings on Wednesday. There is a Phi Delta Theta group that is being started in addition the prayer group.

Sujith Santosh
Contributing Writer

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