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Midwest Scholars to be interviewed

January 31, 2014

Since spring of 2011, Monmouth College has given out scholarships to a select number of first time freshmen who have an exceptional academic standing, showed leadership in school as well as in the community and wanted to study in the Midwest. According to the Monmouth College website, the Midwest Scholars Award at its conception was one award, but this year it will be three levels of scholarships. The students though will be competing for the top two levels which only have five openings.

The two main tiers of awards are the Trustee’s Scholarship and the President’s Scholarship. The Trustee’s Scholarship is a full scholarship to the college for all four years. This tier has only two recipients. The President’s Scholarship will be award as $25,000 per year for 4 years. Only three applicants will be awarded the President’s Scholarship. Applicants who don’t get one of these two are then put up for Academic Merit Scholarships of which there is no stated quota.

In order to eligible for the scholarships the applicants have to a GPA of at least a 3.7 on a 4.0 scale or they have to get a 25 ACT Composite/1140 SAT (Critical Reading and Math). Applicants must submit an application, send in a resume stating activities, and write a 500 word essay based on a prompt or a college essay of their choice. The prompt this year was “If you were given one million dollars to spend, how would you spend it?”

Scholarships aren’t the only thing afforded to winners, according to the Midwest Scholars page. They get other privileges. They are given the ability to be in the Honors Program, to do research with faculty, experience special internships, and lead community service projects. Over all these elements could have a major impact on the level of education the recipients would have received otherwise.

So far there have been three classes of incoming students who have been affected by the program. In 2011 seven recipients won the award, in 2012 only down to four, and further down to three last year.

Elisha French
Contributing Writer

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