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Politicians in a dodgy ‘State’ of mind

January 31, 2014

Talking about that grandest of political commercials

Every year Americans get to witness the grandest of all political commercials. This yearly commercial happened on Tuesday night. The State of the Union address has long been a platform used to help upcoming campaigns and to set agenda for the next year, while also show casing for us the every present hate Democrats and Republicans have for one another. Well, at least while the cameras are on.

This year was no different. In fact it may be easier to understand it as a microcosm of the present state of things. Each side parades its people to tell you why the other side is stupid and what you will get with them.

Democrats have as their theme this year which is “income inequality.” Women don’t get paid as much as men. Rich people are shipping jobs away making working people poor. His statements on these are not entirely false. However, there purpose is to fuel the base because we have an election in 2014. Not only that but the President continued the trend of handing out executive orders like a fairy godmother rescues damsels in distress.

The official Republican response could be themed as “Individual Growth.” This could really be boiled down to: “The Democrats are authoritarian elitists who want to control your life like in ‘1984’.” While it was nice to see a women speaking for the GOP, even I have to admit that this was done simply so it wasn’t an old white guy.

The official Republican responses seemed to get overshadowed by the other three responses, which could be boiled down to the following. Rand Paul’s speech was, “Hey vote for me.” Mike Lee’s Tea Party Speech was, “Let me give you a history lesson on why we have to be for more than hating on government, yet let me tell you why you should hate government.” The final response was by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican congressperson (PC) from Florida. I would tell you what she said but it was in Spanish. I took Ancient Greek and didn’t do too hot in it. However, that wasn’t the point; the point was to say that Republicans care about Hispanics.

So, once again the horse and pony show on the national stage is over. I have yet to find a good reason to watch all of a State of the Union or any responses. Maybe if there were a good drinking game, like drinking every time John McCain looks like he is going to soil himself then I would watch. Until then, it’s the same old thing that you hear every day from these people. Keep calm and move along.

Elisha French
Contributing Writer

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