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Advice with Some Spice

February 7, 2014

Paprika and Peppercorn-

Valentine’s day is coming up and I still haven’t bought my girlfriend of 8 months a gift. We haven’t been dating a long time, but is it still long enough to get her a gift. Suggestions?

Hello sir! Good thing your girl Paprika is full of valentine’s day ideas! Since you have been dating 8 months, I think it’s the time in the relationship for small somethings to let your lady know that you like her! For example, flowers and a card with sayings about how great she is sounds like the perfect start for v day! In that card, tell her to be ready for dinner at a certain time. If you can cook dinner, I say do it! If not, going out is also an option! I promise you that little things go a long way! Also, give her a little something sweet at dinner to show her how much you appreciate her or something that reminds you of her. She will love it! Have fun!

Hugs & Kisses,


Guest Advisor Curry here and as one guy speaking to another guy, you’d be more than stupid to not get your girlfriend a present. Do you think she’ll run away because she received a bouquet of flowers or a coupon booklet for free massages? No. But she’ll be more likely to send you packing if she sits in her dorm giftless next friday. Even if you weren’t dating and you had your eye on that special someone, you better get her a gift because you don’t know who else is out there hunting for that perfect gift for that same lady (that’s a hint to all you lonely bachelors out there). The ladies love to get small trinkets of appreciation, even if it’s a homemade card you made from stolen printer paper. And let’s not allow ourselves to be fooled here, like I did in my younger days. Her saying she doesn’t need or want a gift, is really her telling you, “you better get a gift.” I made the mistake of not getting the misses a V-day gift and now I know the truth in the phrase “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Best of luck, man,


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