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New head security guard for the squad

February 7, 2014

Kelsi Ford / The Courier - To replace former Head of Security Heather Jacobs, the college recently hired Monmouth local Mark Grover.

With every end, there comes a new beginning. This rings true for the passing of the guard from Heather Jacobs to new Head of Security, Mark Grover. Grover, a resident of Monmouth for his entire life, took over for the recently resigned Jacobs in late December. Grover admitted he has big shoes to fill and hopes he can do as well a job as the unanimously liked Jacobs.

From the looks of things, he’s already on his way. An amiable hometown guy, Grover has enjoyed extensive interaction with the campus and the students in the past as he was both employee and employer for the last 24 years. Grover attributes his accession to Head of Security as something sprouting from his work with Maple City Recycling. Grover said, in recycling, “we want to be able to work with everybody and that kind of helped me to get this job.” Working with the Maple City Recycling allowed Grover to meet and interact with a variety of students and campus administration as many people came through to help him both on campus and at the Maple City Recycling warehouse. Grover said, “I got to meet a lot of the college students who came through [and helped], they’ve all been good people.”

Transitioning, of course, was a little bit of a change for the new Head of Security. Grover, who worked himself up to head of Maple City Recycling from the bottom, said, his new job is “a new experience.” While the movement from recycling to security is quite a different sort of work, Grover is more than capable for handling the new transition. As a citizen of the Monmouth community his whole life, Grover has extensive knowledge of both the campus and community. “I’ve grown up knowing the community,” Grover said. Moreover, Grover’s recycling job led him on campus and to have a favorable opinion of the campus. Grover said, “I’ve been on the campus quite a bit [prior to holding his new position] and that’s been rewarding.”

This sociable and favorable outlook seems to be Grover’s ideology for his security work as well. He hopes to continue nurturing the budding relationships with the members of the residence life staff and the security and hopes to encourage more communication between students and security. He understands the importance of good transparency between the residence life staff and the security in the future. Grover also understands good relationships take time though, because as of now, Grover is still attempting to “learn all the names.”

But that’s to be expected for such a big transition and for a security force that’s been in flux. Along with Jacobs, a number of other guards are no longer members of the security squad. But while the security squad works through the transition, everything seems to going smoothly. Grover said, “I can’t stress how, overall, everybody has been extremely polite.”

Chase Mowery
Features Editor

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2 Responses to New head security guard for the squad

  1. Destiny Novak

    February 7, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    Yes, Mark had 24 years working at Maple City Recycling and interacting with some with MC staff and students but he is not qualified for this position. He has no experience as a supervisor or in security. And in my interaction with him he is extremely nervous and insecure therefore will not do well in handling major incidents on campus. In my opinion, Grover can never fill the big shoes left by Jacobs.

  2. Connie J

    February 7, 2014 at 7:44 pm

    Though I wish Mr. Grover the best of luck, he’s got some really big shoes to fill in replacing Heather Jacobs. Upon her hiring, Heather quickly knew the students by name and interacted with them on campus, at the games, and out in the community. They love her. Some are still begging for her to come back because she is missed so much. She will remain in relationship with students and faculty alike because her heart is to help people and to bring joy to their lives. She has a big heart….but its her shoes that will be hard to fill, Monmouth College. But for Heather, the best is yet to come. You go, girl!!!!