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Scots Fiels: Could we be bound for a sex-tastic new semester?

February 7, 2014

So it’s the start of the second semester and relationships are probably already well in progress and hook-ups are bound to start happening soon, if they haven’t already. Special thanks to Stevie for getting the ball rolling last week with her column on sex in academic buildings. That being said, I’m happy to be back writing Scot’s Feils. Being gone for a semester really threw me out of the loop in the Monmouth sex world and it definitely seems to be getting more exciting, especially with all these x-rated confessions popping up.

Although I have to say for myself, coming back from Chicago I thought I’d have a slew of topics, but unlike the potential movie-like adventures that could have occurred, no one-night stands, early morning walks of shame, or bathroom stall sex sessions happened to my program mates or me in the Windy City (which might have actually been a really good thing). While none of these things happened, plenty of Tinder creeps, bar cronies, and Chicago Transit Authority stares tried to get through to me and my girlfriends- which were all progressively more unpleasant.

So with one semester left, I’m not saying I want to DO all these things we’re talking about, but I definitely want to talk about them. I want to address these sexual endeavors that are most definitely happening on our campus, whether one chooses to believe them or not. And with all this major sex talk on the rise (kudos to Monmouth Confesses and my personal favorite, Collegefession™), I find that this new perspective on student life might be just what the doctor ordered for this campus (or maybe we prescribed it to ourselves). These new anonymous sites may even give Scot’s Feils some new free-flowing juices (yikes) to really get some dirty information and topics out there. Or maybe it won’t fly so well on a small campus, but let’s find out, shall we?

Now that we have some anonymous proof that the dirty deed is being done in some pretty public places on campus, maybe the movies are more realistic than we thought. My hope for this semester is to hit on some fresh topics, including a look at dating apps, a new channel of porn geared towards women, “the art of faking it,” and a discussion on exotic piercings. Certainly these topics will be “coming soon,” but if the readers have any ideas they’d like to discuss, send them my way. As they say, it takes two to tango. Let’s get it on!

Braunwyn Feil

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