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Advice with Some Spice

February 14, 2014

Dear Paprika and Peppercorn,

I’m really into a guy who doesn’t go to school at MC. He’s already graduated and I have a couple more years of schooling. I don’t want to miss out on the fun times here, but I also want to pursue the relationship. What should I do?

Hey girl hey!

This one is a toughie. Though you really like this guy, it would be hard to leave often to hang out with him instead of getting some of the college experience with your friends. My suggestion is to know how to balance your time spent at school and time spent visiting him. That way you still have the college experience you are looking for with your friends, but you can also spend time with the guy you are interested in. Also, your friends and man need to understand where you are coming from. Tell your friends how you feel about the guy so they don’t make you feel bad about leaving for the weekend. Also, make sure you tell your man that you still have to get a college experience and to not be offended if you choose to stay at school instead of visiting him on the weekend. In the end, you will be able to keep relationships at school while also keeping time for a romantic relationship that is not on campus.

Peace and love from your girl Paprika!

Yo yo yiggity yo!

As a person who is currently in a long-distance relationship with someone, I can tell you that it can be pretty tricky! You are going to have to decide if this relationship is worth it to you, because you will miss out on time with your friends here on campus if you go visit your boo thang. HOWEVER, I would say that if you feel like this is a relationship that you want to sustain after your time in college then go for it! You will learn how to balance your school life with your relationship life. You just need to do what’s best for you and decide where you want to spend your time the most!

Good luck!



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