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ASAP explores new Human Experience with “Bridegroom”

February 14, 2014

A new series is coming-up to Monmouth College that allows students the opportunity to converse about social issues. The Association for Student Activity Programming, better known as ASAP, has an upcoming “Human Experience” series which takes the lead among the campus conversations. This exciting event is going to shed some light on controversial issues that have been a point of contention for many decades, such as homosexuality.

At the first part of this event a documentary “ Bridegroom” will be presented by its producer Shane Bitney Crone during his visit to Monmouth’s campus. The film has won several awards, such as the Tribeca Film Festival’s Audience Award for best documentary film. It is about a relationship between two gay men, Shane Crone and his partner Thomas Lee. The film chronicles the story of their six year- long relationship and the struggles Crone faced after his partner’s tragic death.

A week after the presentation, there will be a discussion between academic professors from different departments and students about the story of “Bridegroom” and how they personally respond to it. Senior Antonio Borges said that he believes this is a step further to have those kinds of discussions on Monmouth College’s campus. “This event is a great opportunity to make people aware about equal rights in our society,” Borges said.

The idea of this event was presented by Amber Berge, the president of ASAP, and the advisor Jim Fry. “We want to bring something to the campus to get conversations going,” Berge said. The “structured conversations” between the students and their professors will strengthen the connection between them and the capability of understanding each other’s perspective. Berge added, “It’s a great opportunity to share other people’s stories and get other people the opportunity to bring their stories to the campus.”

Khader Eskendar
Contributing Writer

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