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Chasin’ Something

February 14, 2014

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the topic of this article will be the Winter Olympics. The 2014 Winter Olympics, set in the Siberian tundra of Sochi, Russia, are off to one of the most-talked about and soon forgotten starts for Winter Olympics since the 2010 edition. Bad hotels, technical malfunctions during the opening ceremony, and Shaun White looking like a normal person soon elevated the 2014 Sochi Olympics to one of the most talked about and soon forgotten starts for the Winter Olympics since the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Forget the fact that Sochi is one of the warmest Winter Olympics in history; things are heating up in Russia. It all started with the post-haste construction of Olympic Village, that not-so-five star hotel village. Olympians from around the world (with the exception of, you know, Africa, South America, a good chunk of Asia and any other place where “winter” is the stuff of legends) publically destroyed Russia’s image by taking their complaints on the amenities and living situations in their hotels to Twitter. For those intrigued by the misery of others, a third-party source developed the Twitter handle, @sochiproblems, as a compilation of all athlete tweets.

But, it seems, the complaints were sort lived as Olympic competitors turned their attention from the lack of curtains in the hotel rooms to the apparently comfortable beds. Because Russia is a lonely place in winter, Winter Olympic athletes are Tinder”ing?” eachother. Tinder, a new dating/hook-up/match-making application, works like a hot-or-not app. United States Olympian, Jamie Anderson, was so occupied with Tinder—she claimed there were “some cuties”—she had to delete her account. (She may be taking home the gold in women’s slope style, but probably not a man.)

One Tinder account that isn’t seeing much interest is Bob Costa’s. Costa was removed from the set because of an eye infection.

Sadly, his infection means he is unable to witness the greatest Olympic event since Chaz Micheal Micheals and Jimmy MacElroy returned to figure skating: curling. Curling, that sport-that’s-not-really-a-sport, has gained an international following since the Olympic Gods graced mere mortals with its presence in the 1998 Olympics. Perhaps Costa’s eye infection was a blessing, though. This way he’s saved from viewing the atrocity that is Norway’s pants.

Aside from all the outside stories surrounding the Sochi, we are still reminded of one important truth about the Olympics: they provide a great filler for commercials.

Chase Mowery
Features Editor

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