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Consulting firm coming to campus Feb. 18

February 14, 2014

Following the announcement of Isaacson, Miller as the consulting firm hired to find a new president, a Feb. 7 meeting in Chicago sought to answer “what’s next?”

The next step of the process took place last Friday, Feb. 7 when the college’s representatives from the firm met with the executive committee of the board of Trustees and then the presidential selection committee. The meetings allowed for the trustees and the committee, comprised of representatives for students, administration and faculty, to paint a portrait of qualities they preferred in a president.

“It was not only to describe what we’re looking for in a president but to explain who we are and why a candidate should want the job,” said professor Ian Moschenross, one of the faculty representatives on the committee.

Students and the rest of faculty and staff will have the opportunity to present their own opinions on how to sell Monmouth and, equally important, what qualities and experience is most desirable in a candidate. Isaacson, Miller will come to campus this Tuesday, Feb. 18 to tour the campus and meet with various groups of faculty, student and staff to gather their opinions.

After listening to input from the different groups, the firm will put together a position profile and release the information to different venues and interested parties to gather the best pool of applicants possible.

Cassie Burton
News Editor

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