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Steve Bloomer appointed new Vice President

February 14, 2014

Mike Olszewski / The Courier

“The announcement is that Steve Bloomer is being promoted from director of development to vice president for development and college relations,” said President Mauri Ditzler in an exclusive interview with the Courier. “The appointment is effective immediately.”

Hired originally as senior development officer for the college in 2007, Bloomer has steadily advanced four times in seven years, the most recent advancement acting as the subject for one of Ditzler’s final announcements before resigning in June.

The position opened once former VP of development and college relations, Molly Ball, resigned for another job last semester. Once Ditzler followed her announcement with his own intention to resign, the search committee appointed to find Ball’s replacement decided to halt the search until a new president took up the reigns.

The change in plans that resulted in Bloomer’s appointment came when Ditzler and the executive committee of the board of trustees analyzed the college’s current financial development situation last Friday in Chicago. The overall decision was that waiting approximately six months to hire a new president, in addition to the six months for the president to become familiar with the college and about six more months to replace Ball, would be inopportune.

“Lots of people are expressing interest in giving significant gifts to the college,” Ditzler said. “There is every reason to believe that the next year could be the best fundraising period the college has ever experienced. When a college has positive momentum, people want to donate. [And] part of maintaining that momentum is to have continuity in office. I talked to the executive board of the trustees and they endorsed my particular decision to promote Steve Bloomer.”

Bloomer graduated from Monmouth in 1983 and spent 25 years in the military, achieving the rank of colonel. He began at the college as senior development officer and has since become director of principle gifts and director of development before attaining his most recent promotion. Recent projects he has partially helped to construct include the Strategic Plan that spans 15 years, which he said will give guidance to the development office.

His primary goals are to maintain relationships with students that he has built, through his advising of the fraternity Phi Delta Theta and classroom and sporting events, but ultimately to keep bringing in funds.

“Ultimately the department has to be able to bring in moneys to support the strategic direction of the institution,” Bloomer said. “That is the core essential for this department. My colleagues and I have touched roughly 6,000 Monmouth alums face-to-face. That’s powerful, and those contacts result in admissions referrals, [and] distinguished alumni visitors coming back and engaging students, offering internships, reconnecting alumni with other alumni to create possibilities after college, and of course gifts.”

To accomplish his “laundry list” of goals and develop many relations, including have alumni come back to speak with students, Bloomer intends to take a hands-on approach. He expects to be on the road for seven to 10 days a month and have “solid” collaborative work with the dean of faculty to maintain the strong academic direction.

He credits his military career for his developing strong organization, traveling and planning skills, but also credits the faculty, staff, board of trustees, Ditzler and his colleagues within his department for preparing him for the responsibilities.

“It’s an honor to serve in this position,” Bloomer said. “Members of the board of trustees, President Ditzler, my colleagues within the department, a good number of faculty, including the dean, have all been a part of my career development college experience. Getting things done is all about relationships and being able to partner and communicate effectively, and now I’m ready. I’m deeply touched by this appointment, and I look forward to the opportunity to lead and be a part of this team, and I think we’re going to do some great stuff.”

Cassie Burton
News Editor

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