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Off-campus veterans, exchange students share experiences abroad at luncheon

February 21, 2014

Monmouth College is a proud partner of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM), and two of its arts programs based in Scotland and Florence were brought into focus at the International Luncheon last Thursday.

The discussion was started by Professor Stephanie Baugh who talked about the University of Highlands and Islands program. The first thing that she mentioned was how different the system of education was in Scotland. Though there was a whole lot of flexibility in schedules, they had a set curriculum.

McCahl Murray, a student who was part of this program shared her experience through a series of photos and words. She shared her initial fears and how the travel changed her perspective of life and career goals. She was a part of the adventure tourism program and got to do a lot of canoeing, kayaking and other fun activities.

Tony Shek, who is an exchange student from Perth College, where the ACM program is located, shared his experiences about his department back in Scotland and talked about the differences that he found during his life in the U.S. He talked about Perth College and the location as a place for exploration, city life and public transportation. He also talked about how the system of education brought together a stronger bond between classmates.

Taking a whole new trajectory in terms of location, Professor Brian Baugh talked about the Florence: Arts in Context program. The most amazing fact was that the city was the classroom for most of the time and actual classrooms were rarely used. The program focused on experiences than knowledge from books.

Because they were a part of the ACM program, students were able to explore various parts of the city which might otherwise require special permission. The city itself was preserved to be from the medieval and renaissance era and this gave a stronger insight to students about these times.

Instead of just seeing these works of art in books, students could actually experience them. Jessie Alvis, who was a part of the program shared about her experiences with her host family, who treated her like a daughter. Alvis “hit the jackpot” with her host mother as she was a professional chef. She also talked about the various projects that she worked on and how the process was stressful at times but fun, too.

Sujith Santhosh
Contributing Writer

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