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Residence life, ASMC appeal for pay raise

February 21, 2014

The Associated Students of Monmouth College (ASMC) has recently starting writing an appeal letter to be taken to Monmouth College’s budget planning committee meeting. The appeal aims to raise salaries for student residence life workers such as Head Residents, Residence Assistants and House Managers.

Headed by ASMC President Adam Ruble, the appeal addresses several points regarding current HR, RA and HM pay, current cost of living standards, how the low pay discourages a large pool of qualified applicants from applying and how colleges with similar endowments are able to give their RAs more employee benefits.

According to Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life Mohsin Masood, it has been four years since the last pay raise for RAs. During that period, Ruble states that tuition has increased by over 20 percent, indicating that funds paying for RA salaries are not coming from tuition.

“We’re not suggesting at all that we should increase tuition or lower pay for faculty [in our appeal],” Ruble said. “We’re asking for the bare minimum.”

Currently, first year RAs make approximately $2,400 per year, returning RAs make $2,600, HRs make $3,500 and HMs make $1,600. HRs and HMs also receive a reserved parking spot by their building but still must pay for the spot. Ruble said that it is a “common misconception” that Resident Life workers get free room and board when, in fact, they receive a free double-single.

ASMC does not know the college’s budget but has been working with Masood to request reasonable figures for new salaries.

“I am fully supportive of ASMC’s efforts to get an increase in the pay for the residence life staff,” Masood said. “Our hall, Greek life and theme house staff are the frontline people who do an excellent job at helping our students and they deserve a fair increase in their salaries.”

Ruble estimates that the appeal will be finalized by mid-March. Students with an interest in the proposal can voice their opinion at the next ASMC meeting.

Stevie Croisant

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