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Scot Ambassador program a boon to Monmouth

February 28, 2014

While spring isn’t quite in the Monmouth air, it’s time for high school students to make their big decision: where should I go to college? A tour guide program called Scot Ambassadors aims to clear the confusion and influence prospective students to make Monmouth College a simple choice.

Current students remember the impact that the Scot Ambassador program had on their decision to become a Fighting Scot. “My Scot Ambassador encouraged me to come to Monmouth because of her positive attitude towards our campus,” said junior Alex Ivie. “She showed off all the positive qualities, such as the huge donations for building the [Center for Science and Business], which have benefitted the school in many ways.”

Ace Henricks, also a junior, described how Monmouth’s tour guides convinced him to come to Monmouth. “I had an awesome visit to campus my first time,” said Henricks. “The ambassador had an answer for all of my questions. I had been on other college tours that were more like follow-the-leader and gave me little information about what was what.”

One of the appeals of a Scot Ambassador is the ability to interact and communicate in a relaxed manner with a student. Freshman Morgan Gulley said, “I remember my Scot Ambassador was really positive and let me feel comfortable being here.”

While becoming a Scot Ambassador helps prospective students in their decision process, the program positively impacts the ambassadors as well. “As a Scot Ambassador myself, I have enjoyed meeting lots of people from very different backgrounds as well as feeling the pride of seeing someone who I toured on campus the next fall,” explained junior Jill Vass.

College is a time for individuals to step out of their comfort zones and to utilize the skills they acquire in the classroom. As Raven Robinson believes, being a Scot Ambassador allows students to activate those skills. “Being a tour guide allows you to work on your people skills and be the face for the school,” said senior Raven Robinson. “Others would benefit if they are looking to expand their communication skills and meet new people.”

Christina Durante explained how being a Scot Ambassador has renewed her love for Monmouth College, “I think students could benefit from volunteering as a Scot Ambassador because it not only gives prospective students an opportunity to really love Monmouth for all that it has, but it gives the tour guides the opportunity to get other people excited about potentially attending Monmouth as well!”

To apply to become a Scot Ambassador, contact the Admission Office or Representative Gavin Halpin.

Julianna Graf
Contributing Writer

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