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Wallace clears new heights: freshman track star

February 28, 2014

Rob Wallace begins his routine. He takes a deep breath and begins his approach to the bar for high jump and clears it with ease. Wallace, a freshman at Monmouth College has just cleared the bar at 6-8, a height that not too many athletes have cleared and especially for his age at 19.

Wallace cleared a height that would put him in the top 20 of the nation in Division III track and field on Feb. 15. This height would also put him as the eighth best high jumper in the nation for athletes under 20 according to the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF). “I’m actually really excited about it,” Wallace said. “And, I really hope that I do make it to higher levels.”

Qualifying for the 2014 Junior U.S.

Championships and potentially the IAAF Junior World Championship where the best juniors across the world represent their respective country in a week long competition trying to prove to be known as the best in the world. Wallace hasn’t made the mark yet. He needs to be able to jump 7-1 in order to qualify for the championships and also beat out the seven ranked above him or place top 2 in the high jump to represent the U.S.

“My plans are to at least qualify for the event,” Wallace said. “That is the most important thing.” It all starts with practice. “The thing that drives me every day during practice and before meets mostly is just to get better and better. I love to see my name on things for some reason.”

If he gets better, Wallace might be seen on lots of track and field magazines and known as one of the best in the country. But first Rob wants to accomplish winning a Midwest Conference Title in the high jump for his team and help them win conference once again. “It’s a goal that I have set for myself; it’s something that I work for as well.” Whether it’s a big goal as representing the U.S. in a world competition or on a smaller stage and representing Monmouth College in the conference and the national meet, Wallace will attempt it all one height at a time.

Karston Anderson
Contributing Writer

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