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College to fill 16 faculty positions

March 28, 2014

Contributing WriterMonmouth College hired five new tenure-track professors in five different departments. These five hires are just a small portion of incoming faculty to the campus. With 11 positions, both non-tenure and tenure track, still open within numerous departments Monmouth College faculty is enthusiastic about the possibilities.

The five new faculty members include: Robert Simmons in the Classics Department, Susan Jagger in the Educational Studies Department, Christine Meyers in the History Department, Keith Schaefer in the Modern Foreign Languages Department, and Nathan Kalmoe in the Political Science Department.

There are a remaining five tenure track positions that are still in search for a suitable candidate. These positions are found within the Anthropology, Biology, Mathematics/Computer Science and Political Economy & Commerce departments.

Tenure is granted to a professor after a certain amount years and grants them the security in having a permanent job. When professors are hired, it is common for them to serve as untenured for three or four years. This allotted amount of time allows school administrators an opportunity to evaluate the professor’s performance before determining whether they should grant tenure.

“We are almost done with our search in Marketing” Professor Michael Connell said when asked about the two positions available in the Political Economy and Commerce department, “The position is well defined…this person will teach five courses: Spread Sheets, Marketing, and Global Perspectives.”

However, not all positions are tenure-track. Search committees are on the lookout for candidates to fill one-year positions due to several different reasons. These positions are located in Accounting, Mathematics, Computer Science, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Physics, and Theatre departments.

Each faculty position is dealt with by a special search committee. According to Dean David Timmerman, these committees look for candidates that hold a Ph.D. and that will be beneficial for each individual department. They also evaluate the candidate’s past experience in teaching and academic settings.

“We are about the students at Monmouth College, without the students we don’t exist,” said Professor Stacey Cordery. “Our job was to hire the very best teacher we could find, and we believe that Dr. Meyers is an extraordinary teacher. However, because we are also scholars we wanted to hire somebody with a stellar record of scholarship and who looked like a researcher who would continue to productive in a scholarly way.”

Monmouth College hopes to build off the momentum of the new building and continue its success in the upcoming semesters.

“There is a lot of excitement about all the people that we have hired thus far.” Timmerman said when thinking ahead to Monmouth’s future faculty. “Along with the good faculty that is already here, new people coming in and learning about students and Monmouth College’s culture will be beneficial. It is seen with the newest faculty, hired about five or so years ago, you see some really wonderful and energetic faculty that are committed to doing great work and students are excited about that. I think this will only make Monmouth College stronger.”

Victoria Torres
Business Manager

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