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Lingle all the way: Senior is looking on the outside in at the home run record

March 28, 2014

Entering into her final year of softball, senior Caitlin Lingle is looking at a record-breaking season. Years of dedication and hard work are paying off in her final semester. Motivation and team unity can see her permanent stamp on the record books.

After her 16th homerun during the team’s spring break in Clermont, Florida, Lingle is just two homeruns shy of breaking the all-time career record at Monmouth College. She is a couple dozen RBI’s off from the career lead, as well, and could potentially see her name in the top five for career total bases, doubles and hits. Lingle’s coach and teammates are confident in her abilities, but she would rather focus on playing her best and achieving victories. “It’s not something I think about when I’m playing. It’s just something that comes,” Lingle said. Coach John Goddard said we could expect her to break the record.

After a rough start at the beginning of her softball career, Lingle said, “I hated softball and I didn’t want to play anymore.” Around age ten, she joined a team with a close friend and began enjoying the sport. “I was asked to try out for an ASA team and ended up making it and played for them for nine years,” Lingle said. Growing up in softball, her motivation was her dad. “He was always pushing me to make me better. We would go out every single night and work on it until it was dark,” Lingle said.

When she reached her senior year of high school, there was no question whether she would go on to play at the collegiate level. “I didn’t have any doubt in my mind. I couldn’t picture it not being a part of my life,” she said.

Lingle plays third base for the Scots and her teammate, junior Taylor Smith, knows she doesn’t have to worry about her making any mistakes defensively if the ball is hit to her.

“She’s a person people look at on how to play, her actions speak louder than her words,” Smith said. “She wouldn’t be the person that says we need to go out and do this; she just does it.” Smith knows she can count on Lingle to go out and make plays and trusts her.

Goddard says Lingle has been a leader since she came on the team. It was at the beginning of her junior year that she was named captain and has been in that role for the last two seasons. “As a freshman, she lead mainly by example, and with time has also become a vocal leader on the team. Even though she is not a loud person, everyone pays attention when Caitlin speaks.”

Strong team unity can help her achieve her goals. “Our bond this year is much stronger than it has been in years’ past,” Lingle said.

Smith agrees that the chemistry of the team is strong. “Everyone is going to help her try and achieve her goals. If she wants to take extra swings, the pitchers will pitch to her and things like that. And that goes for anyone, as well.”

Erica Anderson
Contributing Writer

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