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Pattee residents charged for unclaimed turd

March 28, 2014

Kelsi Ford / The Courier

Something smells in Pattee Hall, and unfortunately, it’s costing residents over $3,000. On March 21 A custodian informed one of the Resident Assistants (RAs) that feces was found on the floor of the second floor public bathroom in the hall earlier that week. According to Head Resident (HR) Shannon Sullivan, no one is entirely sure when the incident occurred, making it more difficult to find the person responsible.

In fall 2012, Monmouth College installed security cameras into several different residence halls, including Pattee Hall, formerly known as North Hall. The goal of these security cameras was to cut down on vandalism by being able to identify the individuals who cause problems. Though these cameras have been useful since their installation, this particular case seems to have eluded them. “I know that security has reviewed the cameras and to my knowledge they have not found anything,” Sullivan said.

Because there hasn’t been an individual connected to the feces, all residents of the hall are being charged $35 for the clean up. Some residents, like junior Kelly Swann, understand this to be just a part of the package when living in Pattee Hall.

“I was expecting a fine sooner or later. I just didn’t know what it would be,” Swann said, adding that not all residents are as calm. “People are getting fired up.”

Several residents, clearly upset, responded to the email describing the situation. According to Swann, Kyle Vestal replied via email, “Weren’t cameras installed so that instances like this could be avoided?”

Fellow resident Eric Ruud agreed with Vestal via email. “I was wondering the same. Even if they can’t prove who it was exactly, can’t they at least narrow down the group of people that could have done it because the majority of people in North must not have entered the bathroom, so it doesn’t seem fair to charge everyone for this problem.”

Pattee Hall Vice President, Morgan McClaughry shares this frustration. “The incident was rather immature on the perpetrator’s part. They were in the bathroom. I just don’t understand how they didn’t make it to the toilet…so everybody is supposedly being charged $35 for the clean up of the incident. That’s over $3,500 to clean up the turd. I felt like this was a little much.”

Sullivan agrees, hoping thast the occurrence will be a rarity.

“As the HR of the building I honestly wish there was something more that I could do,” Sullivan said of the incident. “Moving forward I hope that people will begin to respect the buildings in which they live in.”

Mackenzie Mahler
Copy Editor

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