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ASMC reaches new highs: Students have to participate to keep it up, though

April 4, 2014

My year as the president of the Associated Students of Monmouth College (ASMC) has been a challenging and meaningful experience that I will always remember. Our executive board team came in with a few goals and one of them we have already accomplished.

The Monmouth Leadership Challenge was a huge success with about 30 more students attending than our original goal. The conference was a great deal of work for the executive board and we got a great deal of help from the Wackerle Career and Leadership Center with finding accomplished alumni to help with the event and share their knowledge with the established and emerging leaders of campus.

However, the conference did take a great deal of money out of our budget. We developed the budget for the conference based on the sum of money that we often have left in our account at the end of each year. However, after the conference this year the executive board became aware that some of the organizations on campus were disappointed that a chunk of the budget would no longer be available because of the conference.

In response to these complaints we created an appeal to the school to increase the budget for ASMC to include money for an annual conference. We hope that this will solve this problem in the future so that this successful event can continue without affecting the overall budget for ASMC.

This appeal was in addition to the appeal that we created for the Residence Life staff, an appeal that we submitted for campus-wide Wi-Fi, and new desks on the third floor of Wallace. We sincerely hope that the student body is happy with the work that we have done this year.

We have tried to be mindful of needs and complaints but we would like to remind everyone that the best way to voice an issue or suggestion is to bring it up in a full-body meeting, the dates are posted on the campus calendar and we meet in CSB 100.

Adam Ruble
Contributing Writer

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